Whoohoo! If you are reading this I finally had a second to put a few thoughts together!


Welcome to my wee little corner of the internet! I am glad you found me! I am stringing a few sentences together while the baby naps and my big girls play with our fabulous sitter! If you haven’t gotten yourself a teenager I highly recommend you do so! She comes over whenever the hubs is gone, the girls are crazy and I just need a minute to myself. More like need a minute to do the dishes, some laundry, straighten up the house, possibly feed myself and on rare occasions like today, sit and write! Oh how I have missed writing!

I had a blog many moons ago, before children! I thought I had so much to talk about but not enough free time. Ya’ll I’d like to slap my pre-motherhood self! I should have relished in the quiet peaceful mornings a little bit more! These days someone is always screaming, hungry or needs their bum changed! Anyway, in the coming days I hope to post my not so itty bitty two month olds capsule wardrobe (she is in 6 month clothes now 😩), Actually write my about me section, and maybe make a post about all the must have baby items for minimalists! Can you tell I am all about the minimal way of life? We are trying to downsize our 2,000 sq ft house to 400 sq ft worth of stuff! Feel free to watch that nonsense unfold right here on this blog!

Anything special you want me to write about? Just leave me a comment right here and I will make sure to cover it (if I can)! Anyway, it is time for me to feed my circus! Have a great day ❤

*also, this amazing photograph was captured by my insanely talented cousin Erica! You can check out her work/blog here http://www.johnsonphotographywv.com/home-slideshow


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