DIY Outdoor Chalkboard!

Hey, hey and how do you do?! Grab your coffee and get ready for the worlds worst tutorial. Why the worst you ask? Because we wung it (is wung a word?! Totally the past tense of wing right?!) Why did we wing it? Because I wing everything, life, motherhood, my eyeliner. I woke up, decided we needed a backyard chalkboard and off to the Lowes we went! Our entire tribe, at lowes, oh the poor innocent bystanders 🤣it started out all peaceful like, see!! But by the time we had gathered one can of paint both big girls were in the cart 🙈

So, what we decided we needed was

1. A can of chalkboard paint. The Pinterest world says you can grab a can of black exterior paint and some tile grout and make a more durable chalk paint (costing about $30) my cheap self said the $7 can of chalkboard paint would be sufficient!

2. We did grab the cheapest possible can of exterior paint, its flat, who cares! We voted on a color (read mom picked the color she liked the best) and handed the can to the guy to be mixed. *insert upset children because the man took our paint can 🤦🏼‍♀️

3. We went to the precut board section because I’m cheap and lazy! Found a 4×4 board for about $16! Husband had to cut it down about 3 inches to fit our fence properly. TG4H (thank God for husbands ❤) Oh, I should add that it’s a presanded plywood board, did I mention I’m lazy? Who has time for sanding? Not this girl!

4. We went to the long, skinny board section (love how I know exactly what I’m doing, right?) and I grabbed two 8 foot skinny pieces of wood, about 2 inches wide. They were $2.65, one was broken so I talked the lady into giving us an extra $1 off! I literally walked down all the wood isles until I found the cheapest piece of wood I could use to make my pretty trim!

That’s literally all we bought, besides the pack of sour patch kids to bribe my kids to stay out of the path of the husbands saw thingy.

With that being said, you will need a paint brush, roller brush, a tray for paint (stick that sucker in a bag and reuse it a million times), and wood screws short enough to put the frame on the board without going all the way through and screws long enough to attach it to your fence. You’ll need to use bolts if you have a real fence, we have a living one, don’t ask me what that means, idk 🤷🏼‍♀️

Now your task is to figure out how on earth to get it in your super cool mom van. We chose to play Tetris, I live on the wild side 🤣

We made it home safe and sound! Then it was time to paint! I painted the back of the chalkboard and the sides with our pretty exterior paint. This helps weather proof it which we will need come summer in the south!

I did two coats, the husband helped slightly! Then I painted the chalkboard and I did like 4 coats. Remember, I bought the cheap indoor stuff so I wanted to make sure it would hold up for a week or two!

No need to paint the edges, your border will cover it!

Then grab a husband if you are accident prone like me and have him put it all together. He screwed one piece of frame to the board at a time and then when the two corners were together he put and extra screw into those. Then he predrilled wholes for the screws going into the fence and screwed it all in! This is the final product!

The girls are anxious to use it but it says to let it dry for 24 hours! Follow me over @raisingpinkarrows on IG if you want to see it in action! I plan to add a hook and a bucket of chalk but I must findit on sale!


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