The Minimalist Guide to Baby Clothes!!!

Look who is joining us for today’s post (you know, the one I started a few weeks ago and finally have a second to finish!) This is baby H and she is my two month old helper! She is joining us for this post to show you her super cute coveralls! Adorable right?! I will start by saying that most of this was purchased at Target but I will include some amazon links to make life easier. *I also get a few cents if you purchase from those links towards my coffee fund ❤

Okay, here we go, drum roll please! THIS.IS.ALL.YOU.NEED! Wait, what? Yep, your baby does not need every single item you lay your hands on! Yes, they are cute. Yes, it makes your heart happy to buy them all! No, your baby will not stay little long enough for them all to get warn! There is nothing worse than packing your baby clothes away and seeing that they didn’t wear half of them! Here is what I wish my former self would have known. You will always gravitate towards a select few outfits. Every baby you have you will likely buy a few outfits and those will be your favorite. If you do laundry every other day you wont run out of outfits! Trust me, you wont! I wish I would have sold everything except two or three of my favorite outfits and just done these kinds of small stashes for everyone! So, this is what we are doing now! It is perfect!

Here is what you need!!! Super simple, and cheap! 1 package of onsies. for winter baby’s just a pack of long sleeves and short for summer. You might need a package that has a mix if you are like us and live in the South where it is 50 one day and 90 the next. If you are shopping for a newborn try the layetts that you don’t need to put over their head! You will thank me for not having to fight your baby to get them dressed! Don’t forget a pack of pants!

You will also need a pack of sleepers that can be used for bedtime or play time! We love gowns for those middle of the night newborn diaper changes! You can grab this awesome Goumokids baby gift set and kill three birds with one stone! We have these adorable gumokids booties and they stay on!! Anyone that has had a baby know socks don’t stay on, ever! For summer babies save yourself the trouble and just buy a pair of these adorable booties! If you want to do socks, these are the ones I feel stay on best! I would also grab one extra set of mittens if you choose to do mittens!

Last but not least, grab a pack of coveralls or two cute outfits! That’s it guys and it’s only 15 items!!! Tip of the day, Stick with the same color palate so that everything matches!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I will be working on a minimalist guide to baby furniture here shortly and maybe the complete capsule wardrobe for boys and girls if anyone is interested!!! Happy Monday and have a great week!

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3 thoughts on “The Minimalist Guide to Baby Clothes!!!

  1. This was so helpful. We are leaving the house for the first time since the baby was born for a follow up at the hospital, and I was thinking, “what do we wear tomorrow? Do we look cute, do we stick with a onesie? Bodysuit?” Then I remembered seeing your post about the minimalist wardrobe and had to check it out. Looking forward to the capsule wardrobe post!


  2. “Stick with the same color palate so that everything matches!!” – Absolutely right. I do this with my own wardrobe as well as my kids’. What’s that trendy word floating around everywhere…? “capsule wardrobe” 😛


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