Our Homeschool Day

If you have been following me on social media or have checked out my other blog posts you probably know that I have three daughters! I have a 5.5-year-old, 3.5-year-old and a 7-month-old! We started homeschooling when my oldest was three. Last year both of my older girls attended preschool half day, five days a week. They needed the socializing and I was in the middle of a hard pregnancy and knew I would need the help when the little one was born since we have no family here. We did do some homeschool activities during the year but now we are back at full-time homeschooling and I wanted to share how our day is structured because it is working pretty well for us!

It is helpful for you to know that I consider our whole day, from the time we wake up until everyone is in bed, our school day.

5 am- I get up for the day, workout, get dressed and do whatever morning things I need to do.

7am- Everyone wakes up and gets ready for the day.

7:15 am- we start making breakfast. On days we make pancakes or waffles the girls help me. We consider it part of our cooking classes!

7:30-8/8:15 am- everyone eats breakfast, the big girls clear their plates and we do our morning basket time! I will tell you more about our morning basket in another post!

8:15ish am- The big girls head outside! 8am is about the coolest it gets outside in the south in the summer so I push those girls outside as quick as I can! I require them to play for 30 minutes without me. Sometimes this is only 5-10 minutes outside because let’s be honest, it can be rather gross outside! If they come in before the end of the 30 minutes the can play together in the playroom but I am using that half an hour to work on house chores while listening to a podcast of some sort! I will have to make a list of my fav. ones!

9 am- The baby goes down for her morning nap!! Yay for nap time! Once she is in bed I make my morning cup of coffee and meet the girls at the table for school work! I will make a post about our current curriculum because it is AMAZING! School lasts about an hour and a half! We sneak in a snack at about 10!

10:30 am- The baby gets up and everyone plays together in the playroom. My office is conveniently located in the playroom so while they are playing I am working! It happens to be 11:30 right now and we are still working and playing in the playroom!


This is real life Y’all! 


11:45 am- we have a 5 minute pick up party in the playroom! This is a quick clean up so that we don’t have a billion things to clean up at the end of the day! We all hate cleaning up so we find its more manageable to do in small chunks! Then it is off to make lunch!

12:00 pm- LUNCH TIME! One of my favorite parts of the day because it means we have made it about halfway through the day and it is almost nap time! haha!

12:30 pm- The baby goes down for her second nap and I have start symposium (afternoon meeting time) with the girls. Currently, this consists of me reading allowed to them from a book, we are working through Charlotte’s Web now. It will evolve as the girls get older into our time for history and geography as I plan to teach those subjects along with our morning basket as a whole family.

1-2 pm- Quiet time! The baby is napping, my 3-year-old will fall asleep during our reading time a few days a week and after the story, my 5-year-old will find something quiet to do.

2-4:30 pm- This is the perfect time to run errands or go adventuring! If we aren’t off doing something I try and send the girls back outside but it is usually too warm in the summer months. We will sometimes do art, science, or more playroom time if we have nothing else going on. Often times the baby will sneak in a third nap during this time as well.

4:40-5 pm- If the girls have done a good job during the day I will let them watch something while I cook dinner. We love the Homeschool Pop channel on YouTube and will get in our geography lesson. If we have already done that for the week they might get some other educational show. Homeschooling with Netflix on Facebook is a great resource for this!

5-6 pm- We have our dinner, clean up from dinner, pick up the house and get things all ready to start a fresh day tomorrow! I like having everything done before the girls go to bed so I am not spending my time on it afterward!

6-7 pm- Bath time, getting ready for bed and we pick clothes out for the next day. Once all that is done the big girls get three books and sit in their bed while I get baby sister into bed. This often comes with the threat of, “If you can’t sit in bed quietly with your books I will not read a story to you when I am done.” It took two times of them losing their bedtime stories for them to realize that mama isn’t messing around. Keep in mind that my husband is military so I am doing bedtime alone. Otherwise, bedtime would probably look much different!

7-7:30 pm- I read stories to the big girls and put them to bed!

7:30-8 pm- This is when I get any of my work done that I wasn’t able to get to during the day. Whatever is left at 8pm gets saved for the next day. All work and no unwinding time makes mommy a crabby patty the next day!

8-9 pm- I watch TV or do something else I enjoy doing and then it is off to bed for this tired mama! I used to love staying up much later but I have learned that I need my rest. Especially, with the baby still waking up 1-2 times each night. I am a much happier parent when I get enough rest!

If you have gotten this far, THANK YOU! I hope this was/is helpful to you! I have created two printables for you! One is a routine that is already listed from the information that is bellow! There is a second one that is blank so that you can fill in the information yourself!


Daily Routine

Here is the dropbox link for the blank printable

Here is the dropbox link for the printable you see above!

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Happy Homeschooling!

<3, Allie



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