Mason Jar Cloud!

Howdy friends!

I know I said I was going to get this up on Saturday and it is now Monday but, well, #Life! Right! Raising 3 little kids with pretty much zero assistance means sometimes what I want to do doesn’t get done lol!

Anyway, a few days late and always a dollar short here is the super fancy tutorial on how to make a cloud in a jar. As luck would have it, it is also super easy!


This is literally all you need!

-One mason jar per kiddo (I use these jars for EVERYTHING)


-Hot tap water. Some tutorials will tell you to use boiling water but we saw a tutorial that said hot tap water was fine and well, I prefer my kids not be working with boiling water, so, tap water wins!

-You also need a pollutant for the cloud seed. Hairspray works and is what I had on hand. If I were to do it again I would do it with matches but I didn’t have any on hand.



Okay, you now have all of your supplies, right?

STEP 1: Spray hairspray or light a match and blow it out into the jar. As soon as the match is out, put the lid on!

STEP 2: Have the kiddos start putting ice on top of the lid. We actually did this backward and the girls put the ice onto their lid before we started. Either way seems to work fine!

STEP 3: Watch in amazement as the cloud forms inside!


We left our clouds in for about 3 minutes or so before we moved on to the next step!

STEP 4: Let those clouds go free!


Yes, my kid is still in her pajamas but that is probably the biggest perk of homeschooling and Saturday haha!

That’s it, folks! It is seriously that simple! We repeated it until I ran out of hairspray… Matches would have been cheaper I think!

I followed our little experiment up with a bunch of YouTube videos on how clouds are formed. You can check out a pretty big list here:

I also checked out this blog Play Dough to Plato before doing our cloud as they made one too! She also gives some of the science details of how the cloud is formed! I did read that to my girls who could honestly care less. They much prefer YouTube telling them how the cloud is made than Mom. I am just not that cool guys.

I hope you enjoyed our quick and easy Science Saturday tutorial (on a Monday!)

Have a Blessed week!



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