You aren’t Just Loved, You are LOVE!

Hey there Mamas! I don’t know about you, but it has been one heck of a week here. One of those weeks where everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. One of those weeks where you feel like the wheels are falling off, the sky is crashing down and you just can’t seem to do anything right. You know? When I have these kinds of weeks I tend to ask why? I think we all do. When we are done asking why we go on to blame ourselves and then get into that whole self-pity deal. It takes a lot of reminding that God has a plan. His plan is better than mine, even if I can’t see that right this second. It is always hard to see the trees through the forest, right?

With the stress of this week I have fallen short on so many occasions. I haven’t been as patient with my children. I haven’t been kind above all things, which is what I teach my children. This morning after dropping my big girls off at school the guilt from this crazy week was really setting in. (A wonderful friend of mine told me when my oldest was just a baby that only good moms have mom guilt. I want you to stick that in your little toolbox too, okay!) I beat myself up all the way to the Walmart grocery pick up (which is life changing if you haven’t tried it yet lol I will put a link for $10 off your first order bellow) Anyway, upon leaving Walmart I decided to rock out to some worship music. I usually end up hearing exactly what I need to hear. Isn’t it funny how that happens?

The message I was getting this morning was that I am enough, I am imperfect but I am loved! Let that sink in for just a second. Even when you are at your worst, you are loved!!!! God loved us so much he sent his only Son to die for us. That is how much we are loved. Even though I spent the week running to and fro, being crabby, being short with my kids, not spending enough time playing with my kids and feeling guilty all the while. My God is standing there telling me that I am enough, he takes great delight in me, he loves me even though I am falling short. His love for me cannot be earned and it cannot be lost. He is seeking me and he is pouring out grace! Wow! just wow!

After getting home and unloading the groceries, dealing with an exploding jar of pasta sauce and feeding the baby I grabbed my trusty guide book and played a little bit of Bible Roulette (I just flip all the pages super fast and stop wherever I stop) in times of need this never does me wrong. Zephaniah is where I landed! Take a second today to do this with your own Bible and comment bellow to let me know where you landed and how that applied to your day!


My biggest take away with this is that no one is perfect. My kids aren’t perfect, I am not perfect, no one besides Jesus can claim to have lived a perfect life. We all need grace! Today after I get my big girls from school I am going to have a family meeting. I am going to remind them that they are loved. Not only are they loved, they are love! There is nothing they can do to earn my love or to lose my love. I take great delight in them! We will talk about Christ’s love for us, talk about Grace, and second chances (and 3rd, 4th and 3 millionth). Even Mama will fall short because I a human! I think it is so important that our kids know that moms and dads have big feelings too, we struggle, we feel sad, we have the same struggles they have and what is important is how we deal with those things. How we proccess them and how we move forward! I want to end this week on a better note than it started on!

I am still new at this whole putting my thoughts into writing and I hope this will bless someone today and not just be the ramblings of a sleep deprived mama! haha! I wish you a wonderful day, a wonderful weekend and a wonderful life! ❤

Hey, here is $10 off your first Walmart grocery app pick up. I like giving away free money so I will do it when I can! I think it also gives me $10 so thank you! Yay for two gallons of free milk! haha!


2 thoughts on “You aren’t Just Loved, You are LOVE!

  1. I had a terrible week too! Although I’m not a mother yet ❤️ I will be in June I needed to read this and know that I will fall short sometimes and that’s ok!


  2. Amber, I am so sorry you had a bad week. I hope that things turn around and you have a wonderful weekend!!! Congratulations on your baby!!! There is truly nothing more wonderful than raising little people! The hardest, scariest and most rewarding thing you will ever do! I fall short daily but you know what, that’s okay! Every morning is a new morning, a chance to start fresh! Your children will appreciate knowing that mom is human too!!


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